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rad vegan art student looking to join a like-minded household

i'll delete if this is too off-topic, but i figured cool folks would be here


i'm a 22 year old queer radical crafty vegan type, and i need a room by 31 may; ideally i would sublet over the summer and sign a lease for september/arrange it so i'll still have a room for summer 2009. slightly earlier would be possible, though a bit challenging. i would prefer to pay no more than $600 excluding utilities for said room. i'm going into my last semester at smfa, and i'd like to be walking distance to school (mission hill, the fenway area), or in jamaica plain super close to the 39 bus. laundry in the building would be phenomenal as well.

more about me: i'm very laid back and introverted - i need lots of time alone to stay sane, but i love people and am very much into living communally/cooperatively and not opposed to the occasional gathering. i do not want to live in an aggressive party house, calm quiet atmospheres are best. i enjoy drawing, sewing, cooking, listening to music (at a reasonable volume, generally of the punk, folk, hip hop, country, indie and "weird shit" variety), going to shows, shaking my booty, dumpster diving, urban exploration, reading, activism when i have time, hugs, tattoos, learning just generally having fun, being creative, and staying positive. i'm vegan and sober and would prefer to live with the same, but as long as yr still respectful, responsible, not sketchy, we'll get along. aside from school and chillaxing, i also work/volunteer at collectivized vegan pizza shop in allston. i am not obsessively neat, but i do pull my weight regarding household chores and prefer tidy communal areas. i pay rent and bills on time. i value honesty, open communication, and keeping drama to a minimum. i've been told i'm easy to live with.

thanks for reading, and i look forward to hearing from you. hopefully we can create a wonderful space and have fun in the process!
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