je suis je (_drivemehome_) wrote in massvegetarians,
je suis je

soda sorbet or "ice cream"?

So I've got this really awesome ice cream maker and I want to make soda-flavored sorbet, that isn't just like a soda slushie. Any tips?

Thank you!!
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i couldn't find a recipe through google, but i found this picture that made me believe that it's possible.

I am thinking about getting an ice cream maker. What kind do you have? I've been looking at getting one of these, but if you have any suggestions that would be helpful. Thanks!
I ended up making a soda sorbet with soda and a small amount of corn syrup, it was still like a slushie, but delicious.
As for ice cream makers, i have this kind:
It works excellent and doesn't have a lot of parts to wash.
Its good to chill all your ingredients before you put them in the machine, so it freezes quicker.
Here is an ice cream/sorbet we make in the south:

1 - 2 liter of your favorite soda, I like orange or cream soda but you can experiment with your favorite soda
1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 tbl spoon of vanilla

dump all ingredients in ice cream maker and let it go till the machine stops (I use the ice cream machine that uses ice and rock salt)and enjoy.