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kittens in need of good homes!!

Farm Sanctuary is currently housing 5 adorable, sweet, loving kittens who are in need of a good home. Given our lack of space and housing 25+ feral/other cats who have past the age of easily adoptable, the kittens have to go. Sadly we haven't been having the best of luck placing these sweet boys + 1 girl and may have to resort to placing them in a shelter, which we do not want to do.

If you could take in a kitten or more, or know someone who was considering please contact farm sanctuary watkins glenn NY.


video of kittens playing

Orange is fred, youngest (little one as I call her) has a neck wound that is slowly healing but also getting chewed on by the other kittens. She is very small, but loves people and is very affectionate. She loves to cuddle and spends most of the day on my shoulders/chest.

Fred is super loving and very playfull.

The other three are older, they are brothers and again are very affectionate.

All kittens are extremely playfull but will all be sleeping in the late afternoon, litter trained and well behaved.

The boys checking out the older cats, and the smaller kittens loving Samantha/eating out of my hand

another video shot of all kittens

The little one (tiny black) gets picked on by the older boys, she used to hiss at them but is much better now and they all co-exist well.

more pics:

Kittens are not guaranteed to stay still for group photos.

Size difference in smaller kittens vs. slightly older kittens.
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